Listening: Selected writings on audience and community engagement, from my work as chief storyteller for GroundSource

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Listen Like a Journalist: Learnings and Opportunities From the Frontiers of Community Engagement

For years, GroundSource has been helping newsrooms directly engage with and listen to their communities. Now it’s taking a big step forward.

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Ears to the Ground: From Seattle to Scotland, Tracking a Changing Journalism Landscape One Conversation at a Time

Since I started with GroundSource as chief storyteller in April I’ve had some interesting conversations about the state of journalism, of social media and everything in between.

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Hear Me the Money: If News Organizations Embrace Engagement, Will $$ Follow?

The potential connection between revenue and engagement is a hot topic in journalism right now, for good reason.

Whether the news media can find success with high-touch  approaches “optimized” for virtues like loyalty and trust is the big question of the day.